I offer translations from English to Swedish and my translating experiences range from Harlequin novels to computer systems.

I also provide written content for books, brochures, magazines and websites.


 If you want to hire me or have further questions, please contact me: linn[at]textandtranslation[dot]se


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Hi, I’m Linn Åslund

I’m a translator and my deep affection for the English language has accompanied me since I was a teenager. Except travelling and immersing myself in English literature, this affection has resulted in following certificates and degrees:

• Masters of Arts in English with a major in Translation Studies from the Linneaus University.
• Bachelor degree in English Literature and my essay Liminality and Gender Performativity in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.
CPE with the grade A.

I also hold a Master of Social Science with a Major in Political Science from the Mid Sweden University.

I have experience in working as an archivist within Swedish National Archives, as information manager within the energy sector as well as prop maker for a theatre and as an English teacher for retired people.

I have a strong ability to quickly acquaint myself with new topics, a useful skill when translating and writing. My studies and my work life have also provided me with knowledge in a wide range of subjects, from gothic literature and queer theory to genealogy and public administration.

I am am member of SFÖ: The Swedish Associationof Professional Translators.

My first children’s book will be published in 2018 by Rabén & Sjögren.